Sunday, December 22, 2019

Summer Pony

If you're friends with me on Facebook, this horse has been popping up in posts since the summer. She often has the same expression on her face--the chestnut mare side eye.
A lot of times I don't mention the horses I'm riding because circumstances can change as quickly as publishing a blog post.
Anyways, the owners decided she will be a permanent member of their barn, which means she gets a full post!
Her name is Nova and she's a registered 8 year old Paint horse. She's at least 14.3 hands, but it's more fun to call her a pony.
She has an elaborate registered name that calls back to her pedigree, however I can not remember what it is.
Being a green horse, the world is full of monsters and mayhem. A saddle stand? More like wooden Kraken monster. A water hose that sprays?! Brain melting.
For the summer we've gone on trail rides around the property. She's gotten more comfortable going alone and in a group. A turkey even decided to take flight under her nose and her spook was minimal!
Nova has been a lot of fun to ride, and I can't wait to have fun in all of the seasons with her.

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