Friday, December 20, 2019

In Which I Find My Throne

A week after Breyerfest, I boarded the train in Harrisburg to NYC. I love flying, but traveling by train has become a very close second in terms of my favorite modes of travel. When book events are out of driving range, a train is the ideal replacement. You can check a bunch of luggage and have numerous carry ons for free. I'd love to travel to a model horse show by train one day. Anyyyywayssss.
This was my second trip to NYC for the summer. The first trip was book related and this final trip was too.
This was for the RWA conference, or Romance Writers of America conference. Instead of BookExpo, where I went solely as an industry person, I went to this event as a hybrid--industry person and writer. Every other year RWA conference is located on the East Coast and I didn't want to miss it since it was 3 1/2 hours away. Plus it's my second year of membership and figured this was the perfect way to be more involved.
I stayed at the Marquitt on Time Square. It was amazing.

Before the start of the conference, I wandered around Times Square.
As we signed in I noticed this. Michelle was Bookseller of the Year so I made her take picture with her face.
And then it began.
RWA is about craft, industry people, and books.
There were many many book signings. In these book signings you didn't need to bring a single book with you. The authors had a set amount of books to be given away by their publishers or themselves, if the author was indie.
I went to many signings. Imagine the NPOD, but with books in a smaller space.
I met awesome authors, and told people to come to Pennsylvania to do signings.
I belong to the local chapter of RWA, and many chapter members also attended RWA. When we could we ate dinner together. We ate a lot at this restaurant.

 It was wonderful and the cheesecake was to die for.

Michelle's friend gave us tickets to see Frankie and Johnny. I had no idea about what it was about going in. It wasn't bad, but I feel as if I wasn't the target age.
Then we had a chance to see Wicked.  I read the novel years ago and had been told for forever that the play was amazing. 

Before getting seats, we found police horses.

I found my throne.
Wicked was spectacular. It was visually stunning, the singing was beautiful, and just everything. I loved it more than the book by far. Not that there was anything wrong with the book, but it just worked so well as a play.

When the conference was over, I took a loot photo.

And then it was time to lug everything home. I enjoyed the conference, and hopefully I can make it when it's on the east coast again!

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