Monday, December 23, 2019

Gettysburg Trail Riding

The Gettysburg battlefields are about an hour away from me. Because of this fact, I haven't walked them in over ten years. I think the last time I visited them was an 8th grade field trip. When you live close to an iconic location the whole I'll go to it in the spring or I'll go visit when tourist season is over becomes a phrase uttered for years.
This changed in November.
The Gettysburg Trail Ride took place over the second weekend in November. It's been occurring since the early 2000s.
This was my first year attending it. My schedule just didn't mesh with the ride in previous years. The festivities began on Friday, but I opted to drive up on Saturday to hang out for the day. 
After breakfast, it was time to start grooming and tacking up. Nova was first before I tacked up Lady. 
Riders came from NY, Maryland, and other parts of PA. 
It was a great mix of riders. 
And then we were off!
We rode trails for about 2-3 hours. 
We rode through the battlefields, and it couldn't have been a prettier day. Nova did a lot of firsts. She crossed a steam with water, crossed over a bridge and dealt with crossing the road with cars.
We took a few breaks.
Which meant photo ops.
I'd love to do this in the spring and be able to go at my own pace to really look at the different monuments.

Group photo. 
I throughly enjoyed this ride! 

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