Wednesday, December 18, 2019

ABA Children's Institute

The whole reason for our traveling was to attend the ABA (American Bookseller's Association) Children's Institute. It was all about Children's Bookselling and the importance of literacy.
There were panels and lots of book signings.
It began with an icebreaker, and attendees could dress up as their favorite characters. I dressed up as Jane from Dread Nation!
A little boy won the contest and some of the Real Adults around me whispered that the boy didn't realize who'd given him the prize. I had no idea who the judge was and said so. 
It was Henry Winkler and I will never live it down.
The next night began a huge book signing. At these signings publishers give out advanced reader copies, which are books that have not come out yet but are made available to generate buzz. 
I told my mom that Henry Winkler was at the conference and she said to get something signed by him for her. I did one better. Not only did I get his book signed to her, I took a picture with him. He was very nice.

I watched Ann Patchett speak. She signed a copy of her picture book, Lambslide.
I also watched James Patterson.

On Saturday night, Scholastics had a party with themed food and more books.
This was a highlight. I loved The Hunger Games.
I met Sharon Robinson, Jackie Robinson's daughter. 
I really enjoyed this conference. It was nice to meet booksellers from all over the world and to catch up with friends!
Some of the advanced reader copies and books that followed me home. Thank god we drove instead of flew or some other means of travel. We had a lot of books to bring home. 

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