Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bill Pickett Rodeo Pt 2

I didn't get to ride in the opening ceremony this year. There was a kerfuffle with horses. Since I didn't get to ride, I had a chance to watch more of the show.
A few cow events happened first.
Fourth generation riders.
Next came bronc riding. 
The horses kept their ears forward as they twisted in the air. For a split second I pondered what those seconds felt like and that I'd like to try it--before coming a conclusion of nope.
I love to watch barrel racing, and this was no exception. It started with adults and then went to juniors. 
The rider below was a junior. I think she was 11 or 12!
I enjoyed watching them.
One of my favorite events of the Bill Pickett Rodeo is the relay race. Each team member races around four barrels before passing the baton to the next member.
The Cowgirls of Color was the first group to go. They're an all female relay team that is trying to break down barriers and stereotypes.  Here's a recent spotlight they've had on the Today Show.
After the last event, the bucking horses were let out. They galloped around the arena and enjoyed themselves.
The spectators in the seats filtered out of the arena and the loudness of thousands of excited people slid to silence.
But for those that vended, competed, or were involved in some way with the rodeo the party was just starting. Tail gate time!
The stables were located behind the arena. There was enough space for people to park their RVs and make space for grilling.
Line dancing music blared and people danced.
There was a lot of dancing.
I stayed for a bit before driving home. I really enjoyed the rodeo, but even more so enjoyed hanging out with various riding groups from around the arena and country. 

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  1. On my bucket list is to attend a Bill Pickett rodeo. Lucky you to have been to several!