Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Breyerfest 2019

I returned from Breyerfest yesterday. I enjoyed all of it. 

Mackenzie and I drove to Kentucky on Wednesday.
Pc: Mackenzie Purdy
The Clarion already had signs set up. 
The Artisan Gallery opened on Thursday.
Friday was the Open Show.
There were many real horses to meet. Some were there because of Breyerfest. 
Others live at the Kentucky Horse Park. 
The Children and Youth Show happened on Saturday.
Shopping occurred throughout the whole time.
What I've gotten out of Breyerfest has evolved since my first one. When I was small it was all about the special models, showing and shopping. Now my excitement for Breyerfest is seeing friends--some I only get to see once a year, meeting new hobbyists, and being able to soak in the amazing fact that a hobby can take over the Kentucky Horse Park all for the common love of plastic ponies and horses.
Anyways, I have a lot of pictures to share! 

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  1. The main theme I hear about BF is the friends. I've never been there myself, but know people who go every year that I wouldn't mind meeting in person. Maybe next year...of course, I say that every year. I live in Arizona and it's a fairly expensive trip, even with a good-paying job and a year to save. hahaha.