Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Bicycle Giveaway

I traveled to Pittsburgh in June (which I just realized I never wrote posts about!).  I woke up early the morning after returning to help with pony rides at Youth 10X's Better end of school event. This has become an annual thing for me. Every year, kids bring their report cards and as long as they have a C or higher, they can receive a bike.
The kids also have an opportunity to ride a horse. I rolled up to the barn and helped load the horses. We took two horses--Lady, a quarter horse, and Sweet Pea, a pony. They're the most dependable of the herd, and Lady will keep anyone in line. Even the people.
And so it began.
Many kids participated. It took a little bit for them to realize there were horses. The pony rides took place across the street so that the horses were on grass and in the shade. I rode Lady over to the street so that the kids could see her.  Lady is a year younger than me--she's 22--and is a doll with kids. She's the boss of the farm otherwise.  A group of kids ran up and asked if they could pet her (which was an of course) and I started the children coming over.
For many it was the first time they'd ridden and there were a few that asked if they could go around again (which was a yes, as long as no one else waited). One little girl asked if she could walk Lady, and she stood barely higher than my hip.
It was adorable to help her lead Lady who plodded along quite nicely.
Even though this was my favorite moment. A little boy was on Lady and promptly said he liked riding and felt like he was in "Old Town Road." He and his band of friends broke out in song like an episode of Glee. And it was amazing.
After the kids rode, a few moms asked if they could have a pony ride which was another yes.
It was an amazing morning of introducing and sharing horses with kids.


  1. For all that I owned a horse for 4 years, I only once gave someone their first ride. Yes, your adventure was 'amazing!'

  2. This post made me get teary. Absolutely love it!