Thursday, June 20, 2019

Throwback Thursday

The subject of my last post was my new Thestral, but he wasn't the first one I ever made. Even if he's a huge improvement over the last one.
Back when I could show in the Breyerfest Youth Show, I sculpted a Thestral. He started out as a Morgan model. I think I made him the last year I could show in that show--so I was 16--making it seven-ish years ago. He won his unrealistic custom class.
I couldn't find a picture of him at the Breyerfest Children/Youth show, but here's one from a local show. I showed him at a handful before he fell apart.
Time hasn't been kind to him. I have zero idea about where his other front leg is. For real. No idea. He had wings at some point, but they broke off too and have been lost.  I made them out of chopsticks and fabric. I spray painted it all.
While I was making him the leg popped off and I merely hot glued it back on. It seemed like the most clever of ideas at the time. Unluckily for me, hot glue has a much shorter life span than the super glue/baking soda mix.
I still like the face work I did on him. 
One day I'll make a traditional Thestral, but for now, I'm happy with the huge improvement between one and two. 

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