Monday, June 17, 2019

The Making Of Black Mirror

Back in Febuary I had the desire to sculpt. But I didn't have any idea of what to sculpt so I hacked off a few of the stablemate unicorn horns.  
But then then it hit me. An idea. I'd had a Django body hanging around for a year and imagined him as a Thestral.
Thestrals are skeleton horse like creatures with reptilian features. And a beak.
source: harry potter wiki
First I drew some guide lines on him.
And then I grabbed my engraver and dremel and went at it. I whittled him down to pretty much an armature.
The trouble area was the tail area. Chopping the tail off took away some of his hind legs too. Oh well, it needed resculpted anyways. 
Threstals have long tails so I inserted a wire for that. Super glue and baking soda held it together. 
Next came the actual sculpting part. 
I finished one side of it in a weekend before putting it down. After I'd finished the face I thought wow, now I have to do the other side. I think I'm good for now. 
School took over and the Thestral was forgotten. After I finished the semester I decided to do more work on him. And the idea of entering the best of customs contest took hold. 
I stopped taking progress pictues because I needed him done, and done fast to meet the deadline.
The wings required some creativity. I made an armature with wire and poka dotted fabric. I stiffened it with baking soda and super glue.
The Thestral gained the name Black Mirror because of my re-binging of the Netflix series.
After much sanding and painting, Black Mirror was done. He was photographed the last day the contest was open and the photos were submitted with two hours to spare. I'm really happy with how he came out. It has been a long time since I've resculpted something to this degree, so it was a nice challenge 


  1. Thank you for confirming that recording a project takes away time from completing it!! And oh, superb thestral...

  2. He's so cool! I really love that in-progress picture of his sculpted head. The reddish Apoxie with the black undertones and silvery-whiteish highlights is totally wicked. It looks really creepy (in a fitting way), and highlights the detailed sculpting you did. Super cool project!


  3. I love this little guy! I hope to get to see him in person some day. So neat!