Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Ugly Phase

I started on a new saddle tonight. I'm trying out some new techniques with it. I'm happy with how even the dye came out and how the leather types cause a nice color contrast. Every piece of art goes through an ugly phase, but this particular saddle's ugly phase is especially revolting. Hopefully that means it'll turn out really nice? 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Winter Is Coming

My day started at a stage. Months ago I was invited to see Avenue Q, since it was being performed near me. I had no idea about it, other than it was funny and it involved puppets. I did laugh. 
Then came helping to run a class about book signings and the steps an author can take to obtain them (plus general industry tips).
Now to actual model horse stuff. Sundays have become my Game of Thrones night, and I thought I'd take some themed pictures. A few years ago I made a Jon Snow doll and a medieval type of saddle. This week I watched a bunch of episodes and took note of the saddles used in the show. I'll definitely have to make a new one. In the show, the saddles are more Portuguese styled.  
And then I made a photoshop edit. I imagine tonight's episode is going to be a blood bath--but it was fun taking themed photos today. 

It's Summer Time!

I'm done for the summer! Yay to horses, plastic pony escapades, and reading!

I knew that pursuing this field would be hard, but I really didn't rationalize what that meant. During my whole school career I've been very lucky in the amount of effort I needed to exert to excel. After the first few weeks I realized I had to cut down on all of my usual activities.
Going from being able to read material once to now having to reread it and ask questions was an adjustment.
I was dramatic in this way:
But I finished out the semester and can now relax! I have such a backlog of posts to write--hopefully I'll make a dent in them in the upcoming weeks.