Friday, January 4, 2019

Wish It, Want It, Do It

The PA Farm Show starts this week. Friday is the first *official* day, but only the food court is open. The Farm Show is the largest agricultural event in America with about 10,000 competitive exhibits. Hundreds of thousands come to experience it every year.
I've been going to it since I was small. I live about 10-15 minutes away from it so I have to go. I've wanted to enter something, and this year I finally did.
While waiting in line to register I got to see the new butter sculpture. It's a thousand pounds of butter and each year it has a special theme. The butter people all represent a different type of person/career path. Their common bond is milk and how it can transform anyone into a superhero. There's a football player, military/army person, dairy farmer, fire fighter, and doctor. A news reporter was filming it and I listened to the description of it. So there it is.
I entered four pictures into the photography division. I'm excited to see the top entries.
After years of wishing I would, I actually did this year. Someone rear ending me couldn't put a damper on that!

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