Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New semester, new school

The most common question I get asked is, "What are you doing with your life now?" I don't have a problem with it. It's a valid question and the answers I give are a mix. Maybe I'll get a Phd, become a police officer, or hit the lottery? I'm still crossing my fingers about the lottery, but I've axed the other options. Maybe. I've been told I don't have to know exactly what I want to do and that that's the fun of life, but the void of the unknown is a bit stressful. Or so I think.
Last week I started school at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. I’m going for Computer and Informational Sciences, but the specifics of it may change. I got my bachelors in English and am now doing a 180. I'm excited to try something new. 
NaMoPaiMo starts in a few weeks (!!!).I've picked out a model. Instead of traditional, I'm doing a stablemate this year. I just have to figure out a color. Maybeeee this year I'll actually finish the challenge!
Also, Breyerwest is a little bit more than 2 months away!

**I just noticed that responses I wrote to comments didn't actually post. Will be fixing that!

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  1. Good for you! I am a firm proponent of life-long learning, but then, I'm a teacher. :D Enjoy your new studies!