Saturday, January 19, 2019

Guest Tutorial | How To Make Boots

Natalia of Midnightline Studio posted a photo tutorial on Facebook, and I asked if it was okay for me to share it on my blog. I think boots are a fun challenge. There's a fine line of making them realistic and functional. I thought this was really helpful, so hopefully you will too. Thanks again for allowing me to share this!
Here's a photo progression of her boot making process, with text by me.
First you need supplies, which includes leather
 and a pattern.
 Cut out the boots.
Cut out embellishments. 
Line them with your liner leather. 
So cool!
Stitch mark and shape.
Fold the liner leather in half, and glue it along the outside of the boot to make it look padded.

Next are the straps. Cut out and punch a hole.
Attach to a strap of lace. To make the closure piece, it looks like nail shaped and cut?
Attach the closure.
Line the buckle with the liner leather.

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