Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

About a year ago, my mom, her friend, and I went to a local wildlife rescue called T & D‘s Cats of the World. We heard about it with enough time to go to the final weekend it was open. It’s a hidden gem in central Pennsylania. While the name mentions only the big cats, the whole place was packed with many types of exotic creatures. We opted to do the guided tour so we could hear the stories about all of the different animals.

All of the animals are rescues. About 300 call T & D their home and have since its establishment in 1990.
Some animals were housepets until being a pet was no longer an option.

Others came from zoos or governmental facilities.

No matter the background, each animal found its way to the rescue.

There were Tigers.

Look at that face and those stripes!

I really loved the Tigers.



Patagonian cavy.

Prairie Dog!


Some of the wolf/wolf hybrids played with their toys when we got to their enclosure.

This Coyote was over ten years old. He had the sweetest face.

There were different types of deer.

I never realized that Emus made a vibrating drum sound.

The animals will live out the rest of their lives there. While it was sad to hear about the different circumstances that landed the them at T & D, it was nice to see them in their final home.

If you’re in central PA or plan to visit, I highly recommend going to the rescue!


  1. Beautiful post. But then, things of Nature are always beautiful. Regarding the writing? Please enlarge your fonts a little bit so old guys like me can read it with ease.

  2. The "Capybara" is actually a Patagonian cavy.