Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Pretty Plastic Premier Pony

I received my Dundee and he's awesome. 
I actually didn't join the Premier Club. But one that was close to cost popped up on my Facebook and I knew it would be hard to beat that price. He wasn't supposed to come until Tuesday but showed up a few days early.
He's beautiful and so performance friendly. Breyer has been hitting out of the park the past couple of years in terms of molds that are dynamic and nicely painted. Mine is nice and mint.
I'll have to do a post comparing him to other performance molds. I'd say he's pretty close to Flash, but I'll have to actually pull out some of those molds to do an actual comparison!
I'm going to have to make him his own tack set. It's been a while since I've been able to do performance so I have a bunch of models that have yet to hit the show ring!


  1. Congratulations!! How does he compare with Latigo?

    1. I'll have pictures up of him today against most of the popular performance models! :D