Wednesday, September 5, 2018

But Does He Match Everything Else?

The most important question that gets asked when a new performance friendly mold/sculpture is revealed is how it compares in size to available molds.
It's a good question. If you're into performance showing, knowing if the new model is a completely new tack size or if it can use already available tack is important.
Dundee is the newest performance model added to the group, so I thought I'd take some photos of him next to some of the popular performance models.
Each model is in a collage with Dundee to make it a bit easier! The thing I noticed when comparing him with some of the large models (like True North) is the throat latch area. If sizing up from Dundee to a larger model, the throatlatch strap may be an issue if it's short on Dundee.

Dundee and True North

Dundee and Latigo

Dundee and Giselle

Dundee and Strapless

 Dundee and Copperfox Connemara 

 Dundee and Flash

Dundee and Lady Phase


  1. I need a word for 'totally awesome and useful at the same time.' Thank you Kristian!

  2. This is pretty neat! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Very interesting! Did not know any of this!


  4. I had no idea about this entire concept. Quite interesting

  5. I know it is difficult to compare them. But you did a great job with this.