Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tack For Sale

I'm a day late, but here's the tack that's for sale!
The other saddle is on hold so I have the tan and chocolate colored one. It's traditional sized, and fits molds such as True North and Dundee. It comes with a girth and white fleece pad. It's $110 ppd in the USA. International shipping is exact.
This bridle is made for True North. It has working buckles, raised and padded nose and browband. The reins are purple and black to look like rubber reins. It's $65 ppd in the USA. International shipping is exact.

The second bridle was made for the Peter Stone pony. I has a raised and padded noseband and browband. It also has working buckles. It's $65 ppd in the USA. International shipping is exact.

Lastly I have this cart. I bought it at Breyerfest, but the model I pictured using it with doesn't fit. The shafts are a little too short for the model. It's a nice cart that's sturdy but I don't foresee myself having a model that it will fit. $70 plus shipping.

If you're interested, feel free to send me an email through the contact bar or breyerhorselover11@gmail.com

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sales Sneak Peak

My day started with going to yard sales. Initially I wasn't going out but my mom convinced me to go with her. I'm glad I did! These bookend will become jumps.
And I took better sales pictures for the bridles. 
The first one is black with purple padding and faux rubber purple reins. It's made to fit True North. 
The second one is pony sized with purple padding.

Friday, September 14, 2018

In Which I Make Things

I've made a bunch of tack in the past two weeks.
I finished two saddles. I just need to add stirrups to the chocolate/brandy one.

Two bridles.

I used teeny tiny magnets that I'd recently bought. It took a few tries to figure out a way to get them to stay on. I'm going to a show in October and didn't feel like fiddling around with tiny buckles. They actually work well.
I put the purple pair on Dundee. Doesn't he look nice?
All of the tack minus the boots will be for sale. I'm hoping to post them here and on the facebook page by the end of the weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

But Does He Match Everything Else?

The most important question that gets asked when a new performance friendly mold/sculpture is revealed is how it compares in size to available molds.
It's a good question. If you're into performance showing, knowing if the new model is a completely new tack size or if it can use already available tack is important.
Dundee is the newest performance model added to the group, so I thought I'd take some photos of him next to some of the popular performance models.
Each model is in a collage with Dundee to make it a bit easier! The thing I noticed when comparing him with some of the large models (like True North) is the throat latch area. If sizing up from Dundee to a larger model, the throatlatch strap may be an issue if it's short on Dundee.

Dundee and True North

Dundee and Latigo

Dundee and Giselle

Dundee and Strapless

 Dundee and Copperfox Connemara 

 Dundee and Flash

Dundee and Lady Phase

Pretty Plastic Premier Pony

I received my Dundee and he's awesome. 
I actually didn't join the Premier Club. But one that was close to cost popped up on my Facebook and I knew it would be hard to beat that price. He wasn't supposed to come until Tuesday but showed up a few days early.
He's beautiful and so performance friendly. Breyer has been hitting out of the park the past couple of years in terms of molds that are dynamic and nicely painted. Mine is nice and mint.
I'll have to do a post comparing him to other performance molds. I'd say he's pretty close to Flash, but I'll have to actually pull out some of those molds to do an actual comparison!
I'm going to have to make him his own tack set. It's been a while since I've been able to do performance so I have a bunch of models that have yet to hit the show ring!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Weekend Things

I had an artsy and fun filled weekend. 
It started off with going to the National Book Festival. It'll have its own post because of the awesomeness of it. 
I dyed pieces of calf leather.
And started on a saddle. It's more than halfway done. 
I'm making the saddle to fit the new premier model, Dundee. It'll be for sale after it's complete.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Baroque Hackamore

I love the look of Baroque hackamores. The real life sized ones always have so many pretty decorations and leatherwork. So I decided that I wanted to make one.
It started with prep work.
I used a few reference photos to put it together.
I haven't taken any pictures with my barn in forever so I pulled it out for pictures. 
Here's the bridle on Alborozo. I didn't realize how close in size the new Lippizaner mare is with Alborozo. So the bridle will fit her with minor adjustment.
I gave it a decorated broadband and noseband. This was a fun piece of tack to make!