Tuesday, July 24, 2018

YMCA Pony Rides

I got a tiny bit of Breyerfest editing done today. This is soon to be Breyer horse Harley.
I also helped out at a local pony ride. It was at the Harrisburg YMCA for their summer camp program.
Initially I thought it would be rained out, but the weather held out just long enough. Each kid that wanted to ride a horse got to.
We brought two quarter horse mares from the farm. This is 22 year old Lady and she was so elated to have to work. 
Each kid was shown the proper way to get on a horse. One little boy explained how much he liked to ride donkeys in Mexico. 
Each kid had to opportunity to ride twice. I think there were eight or nine kids in total.
Everyone enjoyed riding the horses. It's always cool to expose kids to horses.
Afterwards I hopped on and plodded around on the second mare named Dolly. 
Not long after the horses were loaded the sky opened up and the rain has yet to stop. There's supposed to be another pony ride on Wednesday but when looking at the weather I think there's a good chance it'll be rained out. 

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