Saturday, July 28, 2018

Teeny Saddle

Up until today the smallest saddle I'd made was pebbles scale. Apparently I never posted a finished picture of it here, so here's that.
I was asked if I could make a tiny saddle set. I couldn't think of any reason why I couldn't so I said yes.
I finished it this morning. It's for the size between Pebbles and Stablemate. So 1/30ish scale? It only needs stirrups and for the stirrup leathers to be trimmed.
It's made with all of the pieces of my traditional pattern. Some parts were simplified to reduce bulk.   I would say that half of the creating time was spent playing with reducing my pattern. I expected to have to remake pieces when I started putting it together, but it all went together pretty easily.
It fits my mini Hazel.
I'm very happy with this. I used silver paint for the nailhead to keep it in scale. Here it is with a 1/9th scale saddle. This was a fun challenge to do!

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