Friday, July 27, 2018

Breyerfest Live: Collector's Class

Breyerfest equals early mornings and late nights. Sleep? Who needs sleep when there's so much to see and do?
I wasn't showing in the open show but Mackenzie was, so I tagged along to help and take pictures.
The Collector's Classes started Breyerfest Live. Elaborate themed displays that showcase creativity and research filled many tables. Novice and Open were separated by color. 
I always enjoy seeing the different set ups. 
Some followed this year's theme of Off To The Races. 

I loved this little guy.
This one made me laugh. Clever!
Others were about a specific mold. 

A particular color with a literary twist.
A few year's worth of an annual Breyerfest special run option.
Connection with real horses. 
In the end, this won the open division. It's owned by Sarah Roberts.

Look at that mare!
Mackenzie won the novice division with her PAM and PAF display!

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