Friday, July 27, 2018

Breyerfest 2018 Recap

Breyerfest 2018 was one of my most favorite Breyerfests.
It was nice to hang with friends and new people.
Photo Credit: Sandra Gibson
This year I went with Jodi and Mackenzie Purdy. On Tuesday they stopped in Harrisburg to pick me up and we drove until reaching West Virginia. We stopped at a hotel for the night.
We woke up on Wednesday and continued to trek through West Virginia. West Virginia has such pretty mountains.
 We drove through Kentucky and reached the Clarion Hotel. I'd never stayed there before but had always wanted to. The halls would be empty for another 24 hours. 
Many of the walls were not. 
Each day was filled with plastic pony fun. 
On Thursday the artist gallery opened. 
Friday was Breyerfest Live. 
The Children and Youth Show happened on Saturday. 
Sunday was full of real horses and goodbyes.
I took a lot of photos for Breyerfest. So be ready for plenty of posts about it!

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