Monday, May 14, 2018

In Which I Graduate

Last Saturday I graduated from college.
 The night before I finished decorating my cap. I only had one chance to not screw it up so I waited until the night before to really finalize the quote I wanted on it.
I'm not sure about how many people overall people were graduating but I do know that there were nine people that fell under the Humanities major. So there's that definite.
 As I said in the previous post I handed my camera to my sister and told her to snap away. One of the best pictures she took was of a fellow classmate's father being handed her degree. She passed away during the semester and he took her place. I had a few classes with her since her major overlapped with mine and was shocked to hear about her passing.
 Family and friends came to support me.
Artsy picture that my sister took.

While graduating happened last Saturday, the final team meeting for the Equestion Team took place two weeks before that. I was a part of the team since my sophomore year and will miss it. The first year of showing for the team was also my first year showing. My last showing season was far from my best. Our region was changed so the class sizes increased. I'm an okay rider so having to only compete against five other riders guarenteed me a placing. Once those numbers were closer to 10 it became a A+ for effort haha.
Anyways, here's the first team photo.
Last team photo. It's been fun showing and hanging with my fellow teammates. I'm excited to watch the team grow and continue!
I've been the Visual Arts Editor for Penn State Harrisburg's Literary Magazine, From The Fallout Shelter, for two years so this was my last issue that I got to work on. 
I had a few pictures printed in it along with one of mine being voted for the cover. This was my favorite year for the magazine. It's gotten better every year that I've helped on it. 
Penn State Harrisburg also had a Student Award Ceremony and I was nominated for the Outstanding Undergraduate Creative Writing Award! I totally didn't expect it.
I submitted a short story to a magazine in the fall and one of my professors asked if I was interested in having it published in a local magazine called TheBurg, so I had a historical fiction short story printed in there too. I actually forgot about it so by the time I remembered, most of the issues had already been picked up. Luckily my professor had an extra copy for me. 

It was a busy but awesome final semester. Now onto vacation!