Saturday, May 19, 2018

Hall Of Champions 2017

I’m still going though Breyerfest pictures! So here’s a post about one of the cool Kentucky Horse Park attractions you can see.
The second thing I did after hanging at the open show was wander over to the Hall of Champions.
The Hall of Champions features retired horses that were the elite of their disciplines.
On Friday, I got to see half of their horses.

Go For Gin was the first horse that was led out. He's a 1991 Thoroughbred stallion that ran in numerous well known race.  He ran in all three of the Triple Crown Races where he won the Kentucky Derby and place second in the Belmont and Preakness.
The next horse was the 2001 Quarter Horse gelding, Be A Bono. He has lifetime earnings of $1.3 million dollars.  He's a beautiful horse with wonderful eyes. 
I had a nice conversation with the man leading Be A Bono after the presentation. Gene Carter is the last person alive to have ridden Man O'War. I recognized him from an article I'd read earlier in the year so of course I had to awkwardly go up to him and ask about it. Listening to him talk about his life and how horses were intertwined was one of my favorite conversations I had at Breyerfest. I wish I'd taken a picture with him, but I'm glad I'd actually gone up and spoken to him!
The last horse I watched was Mr. Muscleman (I'm pretty sure it's him). He's a 2000 that made $1 million in two seasons. 

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