Thursday, February 15, 2018

NaMoPaiMo Party

A few weeks ago I put out a post seeing if anyone would be interested in a NaMoPaiMo party at my house. Local hobbyists responded and the Namopaimo party was born.

My neighbor caught wind of it and offered to cook us dinner and dessert (lasgna, chicken parm, and a delicious butter cake with pineapple icing). The night before my mom and I made room for a new worktable.

And then Saturday was the painting day. In total there was five of us: Zoe Hatgi of Hatgi Horse Stuff, Susan Bensema Young of Timaru Star II, Maddie Klein, and Lizzie Mace.
Before Maddie and Lizzie arrived  Susan, Zoe and I did a bit of playing with tack. 

Susan brought a bit of her tack museum. This time she had a Hanna BearErin Corbet

Evelyn Munday

 and her Elk saddle.

Zoe is also a tack maker so she brought some of her english saddles. 

I would have been easy to spend the whole time playing with tack. We realized that we needed to have a tack making day during April (National Tack Making Month) and started painting. 
I was a wet and dreary Saturday. It would have halted spraying if I hadn’t bought this spray tent from Woodcraft (they have them on sale until the end of Feb!).

My model for the month is this. He's a custom Harley D Zip I remade. He has a resulted mane and a lower headset. He's supposed to some sort of palomino with white markings being determined by what needs covered up. :)

Everyone had their own method to paint their pony. I initially used oils, wiped if off, went to airbrush and then moved to pastels.

Zoe slept over and Lizzy stayed late, so after running out of matte spray we piled into my car to make it to Michaels before they closed. We painted for the rest of the night.
 This was so much fun to do. Thanks for coming you guys!
And thanks to Jennifer Buxton for creating this event!


  1. Oh this is great!! Best shots yet of the party. Yes indeed, thanks to Jennifer!

  2. Looks like such a fun day, and I LOVE your dedicated craft room. I've been looking at how you have it set up and getting ideas for my own!