Monday, February 26, 2018

It Twas A Good Try

Okay, so this was an awesome package to receive. It's Van Gogh, the medallion for NaMoPaiMo. This is my first medallion, and it's even more awesome that my first one is tied to NaMoPaiMo. He was sculpted by Kylee Parks and was sent by Jennifer Buxton. Thanks again!
My NaMoPaiMo model is back to prepping. I couldn't get all of the paint off of him, so some sanding has been needed. As I put on more and more layers on he started to get a green tint to him. It got to the point to where I couldn't ignore it anymore, so back to the drawing board it was. While I'm sad he has been stripped, I learned a lot with oils. I don't foresee him being done in time to be a winner, but I'm happy with being challenged to do a color I haven't tried in years with a new medium.
Even though painting has been more of a learning experience than an actual finished model, tack making has been going well. Here's a nameplate halter tree. I've been making donation halters for NaMoPaiMo since January. I put the last nameplate on the other day, so they're in the mail!
I've really enjoyed reading and learning from NaMoPaiMo, even if it was more of a good try than actually finishing!


  1. I respect your decisions. Quality is worth waiting for. It's grand to have tack to turn to! I'm doing that now, and every month.

  2. Learning is winning. You did fine!

    The halters arrived in Colorado safe and sound, and two of them are already back in the mail, heading to their new owners. Thank you SO MUCH for such a generous donation!


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