Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekend Harness and New Model

Here's my first model of 2018. The past couple of years my model buying has decreased so it was fun to get a nice painted resin to start off the showing season (that I'm telling myself I'll be more active in!). 

He’s a Depeche resin that was sculpted by Jennifer Scott and painted by Teresa Botkins and is a flea-bitten grey.

I had a long weekend which meant I could start on a new project (that I will finished). I've wanted to make a new harness for a few years. Having a new model to show encouraged me to start it. The bridle is done.
And so is the breast collar. I'm very happy with both. 
There's supposed to be a snow storm on Tuesday. Maybe I'll have my classes cancelled so I can work more on this? *crosses fingers*


  1. Yeay, harness!! I've always liked Depeche. It's snowing on Tues but classes are not cancelled. :( Good luck anyway!

    1. Thanks! I’m excited to show him. :) We actually got more than what they predicted (even though my campus didn’t close).