Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fantastic Supplies And Where To Find Them Part 2

Here's part two of Fantastic Supplies and Where To Find Them. The first part was all about where to find models at. This one is geared towards where to show them.


Live Shows

If you want to show, the best place to find one near you is NAMHSA. NAN is the main hobby organization for NAN qualifying shows. At these shows if you enter the Open division you can try to win NAN cards which allow entry into the Nationals. 
The National Show is in Kentucky before Breyerfest or an alternate city in the United States. In 2016 the show was held in Lexington, Kentucky. In 2017 there wasn’t a NAN but instead there was NoNANsense and I haven’t heard any info about the 2018 Nationals. Anyhow many of the shows have novice divisions for those wanting to see what showing is all about. Or by contacting a local show holder, you can find out about Non-nanqualifying shows. Even if a show doesn't have a novice division, go to a show and hang out. Most shows are different than Breyerfest. So seeing the usual format of a show may work. Plus you can meet fellow plastic pony people near you. 
NAMHSA also has a Facebook page.


There are three Breyerfest Live shows : Breakables, Children/Youth, and Live. They're unique to Breyerfest and different from really any other model horse show you'll enter. I'm placing them separate from NAMHSA because they have unique rules.

Photo Shows

If you can’t live show or there aren’t enough near you, photoshowing is a valid way to fill that competitive streak. Photoshowing changes with technology (minus some of the long standing ones below). When I was 11 or so forums were a popular way to photoshow (I’m assuming those aren’t active anymore). Facebook seems to have replaced the forums.
Breyer has created their own photo series. Each month has a prompt, you email your photo, and you’re done. The shows are judged by a “rotating panel of Breyer's most knowledgeable hobbyists.” 

There are plenty of photo showing groups on Facebook.  USOMHA seems pretty active. I don’t know enough about these groups since I’ve never shown in them. But I assume you win digital ribbons).

IMEHA Model horse Online Photo Association is a long standing photo showing association. I've never tried this, but it does have a following. You pay an annual fee and enter your photos online.

MEPSA or Model Equine Photo Showers Assocation is a long standing photo showing association. You physically print and send your photos to the judge. You pay a fee to show and at the end of the showing year there's a championship show. There are also contests that you can enter throughout the year (tack/props/writing) where you can win cool prizes. 
Hopefully this helps any one that’s thought about showing but wasn’t sure where to start. :)

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