Thursday, August 17, 2017

Step Forward

Right before Breyerfest I decided to buy some new leather. It'd been a while since I'd last had some thin calf leather and after searching I'd finally found some. The seller is located and is called The Hide House. I highly recommend them. I have more than enough calf leather now and it's smooth and thin. I received the hide and it's been sitting since I'd bought it.
Until last weekend. I dyed a piece and had been slowly but surely cutting out pieces. 
I finished putting it together Monday night. I changed up how I do the knee rolls and am pleased with that adjustment.
It went together smoother than the last saddle but upon looking (and staring at it) I see some changes I need to make for the next one.  Sometimes you make things and can't pinpoint what looks off and then it hits you. My biggest issue for my current saddle pattern is the pommel,skirt, and twist section. The panels I just need to thicken some since before covering them they always look thicker than they really are. 
But still, I do like this saddle. It's an improvement over the last one. 

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