Tuesday, August 1, 2017

NoNANSense and A Good Vintage

One of the pre-Breyerfest events I went to was NoNANSense. The North American Model Horse Nationals didn't take place this year, so it was decided that a hobby fun day filled with demos would occur instead.
I haven't gotten to show at NAN yet, even though it took place in Harrisburg in 2012 (believe me I still ask myself why I didn't enter lol). So I really enjoyed participating in NoNANSense.
I didn't show, but that doesn't mean I didn't show up to see stuff!
There was a call for artists and I watched it and watched it and watched it. I'm so glad I made the leap to join up. Being an artist is a constant cycle of doubting your work and then loving it. I ignored the doubting to so I could be a part of the event.

A Good Vintage went on concurrently with NoNANsense. Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig hosted it. So before starting my demo I looked at the models.

They've held up very well through the years. Most of the models were created before I was born, so it was nice to see early customized models and see how the techniques and such have changed through the decades.
Everyone got tickets to vote for the best within their time period and demostrators were given a tile to vote for models too.

For my demo I decided to do name plate halters. The halters in an earlier post show what needed name plates.
People came and watched and asked questions. I finished most of the halters I'd brought with me.

I met phenomenal artists and caught up with others I haven't seen in a while. I also met fellow blogger Jennifer Buxton. Her blog has been my favorite model horse blog for years so I enjoyed meeting her in person. She also is on top of taking pictures of hobby people, which I managed to forget to get a picture of myself at my table! Thanks Jennifer.
Copyright Jennifer Buxton
NoNANSense and A Good Vintage were a success and it wasn't even officially Breyerfest yet!

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  1. So cool! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. Perhaps in 2018 :D