Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pile of Halters

Breyerfest is so close and I feel like I still have so much to do.
The one thing I feel pretty good about is in the tack department. I will be at NoNANSense as one of the hobby demo people so I need to have stuff prepared. I figured with the time slot, halters were the way to go. I think they're one of the easiest pieces of tack to make.  At the moment I have fifteen. Hopefully I will get up to a higher number. There's an array of halters in the pile. Some have fun colored lace, others have padding, and a small few have nameplates on them.
My goal is for all of them to have nameplates. But some will be getting them during NoNANSense.  I plan on adding nameplates during my demo, so if you're going to be coming to NoNANSense I will be presenting at 1 pm. The majority of the halters are being made to fit the celebration horse mold. I think they'll look nice on him. :)

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