Friday, July 28, 2017

Mother Knows Best

 My day totally didn't go as planned yesterday. I wasn't feeling great but thought I'd be able to ride, take a shower, take some medicine and proceed to bed. If I felt up to it maybe even start editing NoNANSense and A Good a vintage pictures too.
Thank goodness my mom didn't let me do that.
 I arrrived at the barn and realized my breathing wasn't up to cantering, jumping and other horsey things so I started home. The closer I got home the worst I felt so since I had a slight itchy throat I stopped and bought myself a smoothie. Not the most brilliant thing I've ever done but I didn't see myself as being as bad as I was. Inconvenient but not dangerous.
So I got home, sat on the couch, said I just needed to catch my breathe, and my mom said no Patient First.
We got there and the doctor and nurse followed us into a room. By then I was struggling to breathe and happy I wasn't sitting on my couch. They took my vitals and that's when EMS was called.  They started talking about low oxygen levels and acute respiratory failure because my pulse/ox level was 65 and shallow breathing was 44. So in a flurry of motion I was put on oxygen. Which completely freaked me out since the most hospital like thing I've ever had done was my wisdom teeth and that was in an dental practice. I rode in an ambulance car for the first time, had X-rays done, and the doctors didn't find pneumonia. Initially Hershey Med was going to keep me overnight but my breathing improved to where I didn't need oxygen and I was more alert. One doctor thought it was a reoccurrence from an upper respiratory infection from early spring but it's still unknown what triggered this. So I was discharged.
This was a definite case of mother knows best because my solution probably would have ended with me not breathing at some point in the night.
I do feel much better today.


  1. Thank heavens for your mother!! Oh the sight of those hospital tiles takes me back… The worst part is not knowing what caused it. Please get better and take care of yourself.
    And thank you again for my halter; it's on Cadno and fits perfectly.

  2. Hurray for your mom! I am so glad she was there to take care of you.

    Also, props for the riding breeches in the ER photo.

    1. Thanks!
      Explaining to the Dr what riding breeches are was a fun conversation.

  3. Glad to hear you are better. Aren't moms great?? :)

  4. How scary - so glad to hear you are feeling better!

  5. My daughter rides and just sent me your blog to take a look at. Oh, boy, I know the not breathing thing and hospitals. My blog is about living with various illnesses and a mystery illness and how to stay positive. I also started a Short Story Monday segment. Yes... MOTHER KNOWS BEST. Glad your mom was there and helped you.