Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Etsy Shop

I made an Etsy for Five Paws Studio!
Here's the link for it

I love Etsy and have been a consumer of both model horse and book related products. I finally broke down and made one for Five Paws Studio. It'll make the business side of model horse tack selling much easier which will allow me to focus on making things. The least fun part of tack making is shipping and figuring out the best way that benefits the buyer. This will take away that stress. Hopefully. :D
I'm currently stocking it with some left over nameplate halters from Breyerfest. After that I'll keep it stocked (anyone have any suggestions for what they'd like to see?).
When I add anything new I'll make sure to make an announcement here first, so don't worry about not knowing about new items.


  1. I really love selling through Etsy. I can't imagine going back to another method.