Friday, May 5, 2017

Berks County 4-H Model Horse Show Halter

After I finished with the Paper Chase and hounds I decided to visit the Berks County 4-H Model Horse Show.  The last show I showed at was the 2016 Quabbin Valley Performance Show so it was nice to visit model horse friends. I missed performance but got to watch the OF and Ar/Cm halter classes.
So here are customs. Enjoy!

Owned by Linda Perry-Horst 

Customized and owned by Kimberly Bleecker

Owned by Lizzie Mace

Owned by Linda Perry-Horst, customized by Sue Kern

Customized and owned by Kimberly Bleecker

Customized and owned by Kimberly Bleecker

After all of those classes it was time for the Overalls to be named. 
Owned by Tai Buser

Owned by Niki Hertzog

Monday, May 1, 2017

Paper Chasing Hounds

Two weekends ago I went to a paper chase. Two barn friends were participating in it so myself and two others decided to show up to cheer them on. 
A paper chase is a fun event where you compete for the fastest or most optimum time. Riders go in small teams and follow a trail marked by paper. You can go over jumps along the way or just go on the flat. So any gait is acceptable as is any type of tack!
The weather didn't want to corporate so I didn't get to walk the trails as I wanted to.
So I watched teams come in. The riders I saw came in with big smiles. 
Some horses were unsaddled while others walked on the trail again or around the grounds. 
And then my barn friends, Riley and Joanna, appeared. See? Smiles!
More smiles and rain.
Another event that took place on the grounds was the running of hounds. I've always wanted to watch a pack of foxhounds running together so I stayed behind after my group left. Here's a non-foxhound dog before the foxhounds were let out.
Almost time to let them out. Do you see the little snout?
The owners let them loose.
And took them along the trail for a bit before doubling back. 

Riders were allowed to follow the pack.
It was a rainbow of hound colors.
They were cool to watch because they seemed so happy.
Eventually they came back to the trailer in full gleeful gallop.
And they returned back to the trailer they came in. Here's a cute after run hound head. 
After I watched the hounds I stopped by the Berks County 4-H Model Horse Show. But that's for another post. :)