Sunday, April 30, 2017

End of School

The last class of the semester was on Friday. I have two finals next week, but I'm pretty much done for the year. Which means I can have more time to hang at the barn!
So I spent Friday and Saturday at the barn.  Traveler is the Appaloosa and my favorite horse at the barn.
So I rode him on Saturday and Riley was around to take some pictures. 

Afterwards I took pictures.

On the model horse front, I finished an english hackamore. It's the first one I've tried to do, and it was finished earlier in the month. I just finally got pictures of it on a model!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

PA Horse Expo Breed Showcase- Part 2

Here are the rest of the breeds from the showcase. Enjoy!
Australian Stock horses.

It takes two.

Left behind.
Let's do stuff. 

Bareback and bridleless.

Quarter Horse.

Chincoteague Ponies are the best.

Step stool.

Four hooves.

Mounted Archery.
After arrow.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

PA Horse Expo Breed Showcase- Part 1

Here are some pictures from the PA Horse Expo Breed Showcase in February. There was a range of breeds, so enjoy!

Cleveland Bays.

There was a jumper.
And also a Dressage Horse.
I never realized that the breed was as endangered as it is. So the riders showed the versatility of their horses.

Icelandic Horses.

Look at the pair go!

Rescued drafter. He only had one eye.


They were former racehorses.


Baby Friesian.

Dressage Friesian.

Clipped Friesian.
So pretty. 

Harness Friesian.

Wedding Percherons.
Closer look of tack.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


National Model Tack Month, or NMTM, started on April 1st.
I haven't started on my projects. Yet. Instead I decided to compare two pieces of my tack.
The first saddle is from 2014 and the second one is 2017.
I was ridiculously proud of the first saddle because at that time it was the best saddle I'd made.  The second one is 2017. There are so many differences and improvements that I wouldn't know where to start. It's amazing to see what 3 years can do in terms of tack making. So if you try your first piece and it's less than stellar, don't give up. Like any skill it takes time to improve and it's fun to look back and see where you started.