Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Let's Do Painterly Things Without Painting

My attempt at NaMoPaiMo was a really nice try.
I had a model to paint
even if I accidentally dropped her and chipped her ear. In August I accidently knocked her over so she tumbled down my shelves in a series of loud thumps. 
I'd gone out and bought supplies. I decided to paint her in oils to some sort of bay. 
My Michaels had a 2 for 1 deal on oils. I read Jennifer Buxton's Jennifer Scott post about oils and decided to try them. I got the basic pallete of plastic pony colors plus a new set of brushes. I use Turpinoid for colored pencils so I didn't need to buy that. 
The last needed supply was reference photos. I really wanted to do my Hazel justice, which meant I needed good reference photos. I have a binder of horse photos plus I have taken plenty but in the end I just dumped more photos onto my horse reference pinterest board. I pinned a rainbow of bays before deciding on a final shade. 
And that's where my NaMoPaiMo ended. School work and getting sick ate away my free time. I didn't finish NaMoPaiMo nor even start it, but I gained so much knowledge from reading the tips on the board and on Jennifer's blog during the month of February. Learning is just as important as doing sometimes. 

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