Monday, January 30, 2017

The Almost Weekly Update

One of my annual goals is to blog more but I never tell myself what more means. So my more is to do weekly updates.
On Saturday I dropped off my items for the gallery that starts on Friday. It feels more real now that the tack and models are in the display.
 They'll be more spread out once the previous show is gone and the larger display is out.
While I was dropping off pieces a few of the other artists also dropped off their work. Isn't it cool?! There's such a variety of pieces that are going to be shown. The camera didn't pick up the cool details and textures in the two pieces on the left. I can't wait to meet everyone that's in it. 
I'm almost done with the pebble sized cross stitched saddle pad. 
And I picked my victim for NaMoPaiMo or National Model Painting Month. It's a Mini Hazel that I bought at Breyerfest 2016. 


  1. Even weekly will be more than I'm doing! I like your 'more' definition.

  2. Kristin, can you tell us more about your art exhibit? How did you become involved? What did you do to prepare, what kind of show is it? Thanks!! Very cool!