Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RLB Art Box Studio

Art is a funny thing in trying to decide what works here and there. Anymore, I work 99% of the time on model horse related projects. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I do want to try to incorporate 2D stuff into my artsy life again.
Hence where this comes in.

I received the December project of RLB Art Box Studio in return for an honest review. The RLB Art Box Studio is located in my home state of PA and ships worldwide. It costs twenty-five dollars per month with discounts, such as free shipping, for longer subscriptions. Everything came wrapped in green tissue paper!

It's an art box for all art experiences with instructions detailed enough for the newest artist to excel. It even included the amount of time it'd take to complete the project. The December project was an Ornamental Illustration.
What came: Compass, Sharpie Marker, Eraser, Bristol Paper, Pencil Sharpener, Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, a reference image, and physical instructions
Each month an artist is highlighted. This month's artist included a coloring page!

The project consisted of using the compass to make circular Christmas ornaments on Bristol board and coloring them in before outlining with the Sharpie. Along with instructions and pictures of each step, the website had a how-to video to really solidify what the artist is supposed to do if he or she didn't pick it up from the instructions. I really liked the green used in the video and in pictures but wished it was the same color included.
The project was quick and relaxing. It was nice to make something with no stringent rules for how the final is supposed to be. I was going to pull out some other colored pencils to use but decided to stick to the colors included in the box.
 The only art supply I used that wasn't included was turpentine to blend the colored pencils.

Overall, I was pleased with the box. RLB Art Box Studio is still finding its legs in the world of subscription boxes. The stand out part of the box is how thorough the directions are plus the viewable video.
With all that said, who would I recommend this to? Based on the December box, I would recommend this to anyone that wants to do an art project that isn't overly complicated and comes with the supplies needed. I would put this box to more of a novice/ beginner level than an artist who experiments often and knows exactly that he or she is looking to create. The included supplies were of quality brands. Each month features a different medium, so the supplies and techniques used differ.
If you're interested in subscribing here's where you can find RLB Art Box Studio:
If you'd like to subscribe to the box, I was given a code that takes off 5$ to pass on! 
The Coupon Code is: SAVE5$

Thanks again for sending me a box to review Rachel!


  1. That is interesting. I'm not very good at 2D stuff; well, haven't really done much with it since I was a kid/teenager. I used to LOVE to draw, but then shifted to other things. There seems to be a lot of subscription box services out there nowadays, I'm happy to hear about an art-related one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. There's been a HUGE increase in subscription boxes and types.
      Crate Joy is a great place to see all types of subscription boxes.

  2. This is a cool concept - I like it better than the art boxes that just send you art supplies.

  3. This box looks so cool! I love art :)

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