Thursday, August 11, 2016

Working Equitation

I find Working Equitation to be a fascinating event. Seeing it demonstrated at Breyerfest cemented that fact.
Endo the Blind
A range of horses showed various obstacles of the event. Per the The United States Working Equitation, horses can wear Working Western, English Hunt Seat, Dressage, Spanish, Portuguese, or Charro tack. Each seat has a list of requirements. 
This was from the end of the demo when some of the horses showed off some of their other skills. :)
There are 24 different obstacles and 6 different levels listed on the website.

Remove and replace pole
Working around barrels
Skewer Ring
They had to ring a bell
and back through poles, but those aren't listened on the US website. 
This was one of my favorite covered arena demos. Was so glad to have walked by at the right time!

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