Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lines and Reiners

Waiting in line is all a part of Breyerfest.
There are many types of lines but the line that forms first, even before the start of Breyerfest is the Friday Store line. I have many skills but one of them isn't sleeping outside in a line. I have limits and love beds. Mel was dedicated and that's how I ended up number 74 in the Friday morning line aka Ninji Pit of Death .
We were led in by Police.
There was a good amount of people.
and we were welcomed in by drums and dancers.
I was a part of the first group that went into the store. I hoped to get more than just a dog, as I did last year. I did even better. I walked out with zero things. Once the shoving and flapping of arms and plastic ponies started in the bins I assessed my plastic pony dedication and realized I didn't like to do any of the above.
So I went to the special runs line located next to a warm up arena. A new activity at Breyerfest this year was a Ride A Reiner. Intermediate riders could try out reining on nice reining horses. I watched the schooling of the horses.
The horses changed leads,


slid and backed up.
I loved this black gelding. He had such a pretty and sweet face.

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