Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lancaster County 4-H Show Pt 2: Miniature Horse Jumping

Miniature horses are adorable, so I enjoyed watching them jump last month.
It was a hot PA day, and there were multiple jump offs, so good job for running in the heat! It also allowed me to get plenty of pictures of them.
This would be a minimal type of other performance in terms of model horses. You'd just need a doll, halter, lead rope, and a jump. Or you can have a cone.  Just add in documentation, and you're good. 
Per the PA 4-H Guide, going clear is the goal in the first round. Afterwards if there are entries with the same amount of faults, a jump off happens. In the jump off, the jumps are supposed to be raised and whoever finishes with the lowest amount of faults, wins. If there's a tie again, the horse with the fastest time is the winner. With that being said, there are numerous instances of miniature horses standing,walking,



 and jumping!
Plenty of performance opportunities!


  1. So cute!! The girl I nanny is a horseback rider, so I'm always around ponies and horses!

  2. So fun! I can't wait to go to the Iowa State fair this weekend!

    Amanda ||