Wednesday, July 6, 2016

To The Beach Part 2

On Tuesday, it was overcast when Madison and I woke up. Crossing our fingers that it wouldn't rain, we went to the meeting spot for Captain Dan's Around The Island Tour. Madison had been on it before, but this was my first time. I was hoping to see Blue Moon, the pony that both Madison and I had bought into in 2015.
Captain Dan has lived on Chincoteague his whole life and was happy to explain all parts of the islands. Including the story of these houses.

 They were built prior to the wildlife refuge and were grandfathered in, but once they are no longer standing, they cannot be rebuilt. So that was an interesting fact. 
The perfect trifecta of touring would have been finding Bald Eagle, dolphin, and ponies. We did see a Bald Eagle, and the first pony we came upon was Rainbow Warrior.
The next set of ponies we came to were a part of Ace's band. Ace is the black horse. 
There was one foal in the band.

He was fun to watch.

We didn't see Blue Moon, but we did see Riptide's band.
 He has a large band. I think one of the largest if not the largest one of the Assateague Stallions.

They were the last ponies we saw on tour before heading in. While we didn't hit the Trifecta, we did see a Tricolored Heron.
If you want to own an island, this one is for sale lol.

After the tour, it was time to wander around the Chincoteague Museum before heading to the beach.
 Which is where Misty and Stormy now reside.

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  1. Omgoodness! Blue Moon is the cutest thing!