Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's All About Lucy

Like I said yesterday, my main reason of going to the show was to watch and take pictures of Lizzie showing her mare, Lucy. Isn't she pretty? I took others, many others, but I'm going to make this one all about Lucy.
Their first class of the day was 14-18 showmanship.
Lizzie received a 3rd in the class.
Her next class was trail.
The two earned 3rd.
Hunters came next and so did the heat. Up until this week I would have considered the weather in PA to have been mild. Not cool but not gross hot. Yesterday was gross hot for me, so I can't imagine what it was like to be in full blown showing clothes. 
The hunter class was large. With dozens of hooves moving all at once, the dust in the dry ring became a cloud that cloaked everyone. I was shocked the judges could see much!
Minuscule moment of clarity.
After the flat part of the class, the dust settled because each pair had to jump a line of jumps.
Lizzie placed 6th in the class.
The second to last class of the day was Horsemanship.
Lucy and Lizzie did well trotting,
and cantering circles.
The last class of the day was classic hunter under saddle.
 Lizzie and Lucy got first in the class!
It was a good day.
Rest and hay after a good job. And happy birthday Lizzie!

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