Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Berks County 4-H Horse Council Model Horse Show Pt 1

On April 23, I went to the local Berks County Show. I focused more on custom/artist resin, so I didn't catch all of the OF classes. But here they are!
The first class of the day was harness. 
Big harness horse, 
Medium Harness horse,
Owned by Kim Bleecker
and the tiniest harness! Really, look at the tag and how small those horses are. Tiny. 
Owned by Lizzie Mace
Owned by Pat Coulter
Other Performance
Owned by Tai Buser
Arab/Indian Costume

Owned by Tai Drake

Other Costume

Owned by Lizzie Mace



Other English Performance

Other Western Performance
Owned by Kristian Beverly
Western Stock work
Owned by Kim Bleecker 
Western Trail

Western Games

Lizzie's Palouse named With Pleasure won Champion in Original Finish Performance.
She went on to win Overall Reserve. Congrats again Lizzie!

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