Sunday, April 17, 2016

Last IHSA Show of The Season

While there's only two weeks left of classes until the end of the semester(YAY), the last IHSA show was about a month ago.It took place at the Black River Farm in New Jersey. Such a pretty place!
Four of us went to compete. Pat stopped by too since she doesn't live too far away. Thanks for stopping by!
While it was a small number the usual teamwork was there.

I rode a QH named Classy. It wasn't my worst performance but it wasn't my best. Being on the correct lead is my biggest struggle. I get what it is in my head, but in practice--eh. I was on the correct lead the first time the judge asked for a canter, but wasn't on it for the second. In the end I earned forth in the class.

Two fourths in a row. But all fourths aren't the same. Between the two shows my seat was better. I'm realistic about my riding abilities though. When I look in the mirror I don't see a Grand Prix rider staring back, but I do see a much better rider than the one in the fall. My seat has definitely improved plus my overall feel for the horse.
It was a fun year to be a part of the team. I *never* wish for the summer to pass by quickly, but once fall comes around, I'll be excited about next season.