Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wordless Thursday Pictures

Here are various pictures from the artist resin/custom divisions.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Berks Saddle-ites 7th Annual Model Horse Show Pt 3

I took a lot of pictures. It didn't seem like a lot at the show, but with editing, it's a lot lol.

The western portion of performance started with Other Western.
During the plastic pony weekend at Niki's house, Pat talked about making a Frozen themed reining setup. There was music along with it too!
Owned by Pat Coulter

Owned by Jackie Arns-Rossi 

Owned by Niki Hertzog

Western Stock work:

Owned by Niki Hertzog
 I put up a Versatility Ranch Horse setup.
Everything by me except saddle pad(Desktop Studios) and boots (Niki Hertzog)

Owned by Ashley Marconi

Owned by Niki Hertzog

Owned by Lizzie Mace

Owned by Tai
Western Trail

Did a quick saddle and saddle pad change.

Everything by me except poles were done by Lizzie.

Owned by Kimberly Bleecker

Owned by Ashley Marconi
 Then came Western Games.
Owned by Kim Bleecker

Owned by Pat Coulter

Owned by Niki Hertzog

Owned by Mel Cox
Western Pleasure: