Friday, February 19, 2016

This Week And For Sale

Today is the last day to enter the 100K giveaway. If everything goes right the winner will be pulled tomorrow!
This week ended with getting these two in the mail. They're older Lady Phases and are going to be tack bodies.

I'm also looking to sell my Working For Chex resin. 
He still needs more prepping but is a very clean cast! 

I accidentally broke the top part of his right ear, so that still needs some more prepping. 

He comes with his COA.
Price is 360$ Or Best Offer. If interested or have any questions, please use the contact bar on the right. Thanks!


  1. Hey could I use your resin for a template for line art on deviant art?

    1. Btw I will reference you and send you the link

    2. While it is my picture, I didn't create the resin, so I don't feel like I would be the one to ask. I would ask the sculptor. :)