Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Plastic Pony Weekend

It started on Instagram, as things sometimes do. Lizzie and I had been thinking about a model horse day and then Niki had a newly organized model horse space......and everything went from there.
On Saturday, Lizzie, Niki, Pat, and I met up at Niki's house and had a model horse day!
One of the first things that happened was my Valegro being put into Niki's newest western tack set she completed. Oh, and he's also doing Keyhole. Because why not.
Lizzie has an adorable zebra that is also an excellent show model and the halter I made for her fit. Yay!

We hit up some craft stores and grabbed Chinese. All of the movies we watched were new to me: Groundhog Day and Frozen. Another new to me was Not Just Plastic Horses. It was made in the early 20s and depicts the hobby through interviews and Breyer commercials. It was interesting and something I didn't even know existed. 
The group of us are performance lovers, so Lizzie's Bobby Jo became the tack holder. There's a ton of tack from numerous artists on this model!
Niki took a better picture of the other side. 
Picture taken by Niki Hertzog
This was fun and something we'll have to do again! 

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  1. Looks like an awesome day! And I love how good Valegro looks in western tack too :)