Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ideas Run Rampent

I've had this costume idea for a couple of years, but never tried it because:
A) My tack making skills weren't there yet
B) Didn't have the *perfect* model to wear it
Neither of those things are an issue now, so I began with part one of the costume. I modified my champron pattern from two years ago to match the reference.

 There's going to be a bunch of parts to this, but I really like the shape of the champron.

 I may add more black to make it look a bit more weathered. Not sure if there's enough pieces yet, but can anyone guess what the costume is?


  1. Ohh, that's exciting! My guess is... a Ringwraith horse? That's what I thought of after seeing it on a black horse anyway.

  2. I'm guessing medieval horse armor, because that was what chamfron were for originally.

    1. The Lord of The Rings is set in a medieval type of universe, so yup. :)