Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming. Really, it is. The roads are covered and apparently the worst hasn't even hit yet. This is the first sign of winter for the year.
Before a storm people freak out and buy perishable items *coughmilkeggscough*. I went the other direction after class and made a Tandy Leather stop.
And this guy was waiting for me when I got home.
He's the 2016 Breyer Traditional Valegro. 
He's pretty. 
And so needs a new bridle. I don't have any upper level dressage sets---so he is getting one. 
If you have some of the other breyer upper dressage horses, he's similar in size to Salinero in face
 and in girth.
I'm hoping to get better pictures of him in the am since it's dark.


  1. He is lovely isn't he? I adore mine and I can't wait to see yours in tack :-)

  2. How did you get him?! Breyer's website said they're unavailable. He's so pretty!

    1. A local-ish tack shop had him and was willing to ship to me!

  3. These are exceedingly useful photos and suggestions. Thank you so much!