Monday, January 11, 2016

Shipping Tiny Things

Started my spring semester today! Which means not as much studio time.
But I did ship some halters so, here's a short how-to/tip for shipping small tack things.
For halters, I use jewelry shipping boxes. If it's been used for jewelry for so long, it's safe for plastic pony items. The inside has stuffing inside too. More protection.

Then I put it inside of an envelope. Not any envelope. Padded envelopes. They're lined with bubble wrap which adds to the protection. Shipping is a game where you want everything to end up in great condition in the most efficient way. If the halter fits and the box fits in the envelope, then it's off to its new owner! These boxes come in different sizes, so you could go smaller for boots and miniature props. Longer boxes would work for bridles and girths. I wouldn't send a saddle this way, so that's a post for another day.

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